Tandem is a Messaging App for Language Learners


Just after getting the Tandem application downloaded, you will find the finer point to use the auxiliary verb “will” in the chat option. It is not easy to proliferate the Spanish past tenses for a native English speaker to handle with.

So, here’s the moment to welcome Tandem, an app which is based on the community where people from all across the world chat with each other, but not for the dating purposes – even sometimes it feels a Tinder-ish when you scroll down and come across the pile of age-badged profile pictures, tending to choose which one to start the conversation with and how to initiate the chat from nada.

The objective of this app is to connect and make a match of absolute strangers so that they can practice any language or languages, which they want to learn, with the app exhibiting the native speakers of their languages – so that you can help others and also get help from anyone.

Most of the users of this app are appreciated to post few lines on their profiles about their interests, which language or part of the language they want to learn, and what they want to talk about. Posting a selfie photo is also required. And that is about it – it is a messaging app where you are appreciated to connect with the learners to practice via the digital domain of chat while keeping a smooth conversational environment.

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Nowadays, the language learners are highly spoilt for the selection when it comes to getting the services for acquiring the power to speak a foreign language. However, the Berlin-based Tandem application offers the relatively less complicated and more efficient niche by concentrating on making a platform to enable the person-to-person practice communication free of cost. The app also supports the features of text messaging, video and audio calls too.

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