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Top Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features you should know

samsung galaxy note

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now official and each and every year Samsung likes to add some new and interesting features to keep things exciting. So, let’s take a look at some of the top new features of the

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Dowload Newest Snapchat App Re-Designed

Snapchat APP redesign

Quite a stir has been started by the recent redesign of Snapchat app. For years, users have been sending feedback stating that the app is incredibly hard to navigate. Evan Spiegel, CEO and founder of Snapchat, said, “One thing that

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Messenger Apps for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

samsung galaxy tab s tablet

Looking for a great tablet for your messaging apps? The competition of quality vs. cost still dominates the market very severely. The most prestigious smart devices companies are always fiercely attempting to lure more customers to purchase their newly bred

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A New Kik Gaming Experience with Pokémon Go Creators

Pokemon Go kik

Amongst the multiple notorious messaging apps, Kik Messenger is the one that promises to provide new territories to explore whilst exchanging messages with your contacts. Kik, just like other famous messages apps, presents multiple services, yet it needs to take

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Instagram adds a brand new twist: Boomerang and Superzoom

instagram stories Boomerang Superzoom

Since the release of Instagram stories, it has attracted a huge number of users who want to give it a shot. The new feature of Instagram that debuted back in 2016 has provided to be a fierce competitor to other

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Samsung’s GIF Support

Samsung gif support

Every now and then, Samsung has released a new set of GIF-supported features that allows the user to pick a preloaded gif or chose another from gif gallery. Over the past couple of days, the company initiated its gif always

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Deezer vs Spotify

spotify vs deezer

Today, we would be looking at which of the music streaming apps is better between Deezer and Spotify. Let me tell you a bit about these two companies before we kick this off. First off Deezer is a French company

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Gesture controls and how to use them in Cyanogen OS

cyanogen os

The cyanogen gestures is a technological principle that applies to smartphones and other Android devices. The approach speculates that it is not a must for a smartphone device screens to be on to be able to operate it. Instead, there

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Download Chomp SMS v7.18

download chomp sms

ChompSMS is a simple, minimal and functional SMS replacement service for android only.It sends messages through your carriers network as SMS and can use its own network to send text messager to anyone you wants despite of whether they use

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