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Gesture controls and how to use them in Cyanogen OS

cyanogen os

The cyanogen gestures is a technological principle that applies to smartphones and other Android devices. The approach speculates that it is not a must for a smartphone device screens to be on to be able to operate it. Instead, there

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Download Chomp SMS v7.18

download chomp sms

ChompSMS is a simple, minimal and functional SMS replacement service for android only.It sends messages through your carriers network as SMS and can use its own network to send text messager to anyone you wants despite of whether they use

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Whatsapp lets you Stream videos and watch a video while it is still being downloaded

WhatsApp stream video

I’m here with the news about the latest update of Whatsapp messenger and with this update, Whatsapp has taken things to whole other level. So what are these updates? Well, there are occasions we send a message which we do

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How To Connect OnePlus 5 To The Television

oneplus t Amazon Fire TV

OnePlus 5 was first released in 2017 and later that year, we got the OnePlus 5T, both coming with some excellent features. The catch with both of these handsets, however, is the fact that their size is only 5.5 inches.

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Facebook introduces Messenger App for Kids

Download fb Messenger for Kids

As a parent, I know what it entails when kids connect with family and friends with using technology, therefore, it is important for us to know how safe they are whenever they are online. That’s why I’m excited about Facebook

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How to Delete Unwanted WhatsApp Messages

Delete Unwanted WhatsApp Messages

There is a pretty significant change being made in WhatsApp concerning the messages you would like to “unsend”. Previously, you could still unsend messages that seemed irrelevant or shameful, however, up until now, the timeframe to do so was very

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Samsung Ends 3 updates of Android Security

Samsung Galaxy Android Security

Android is without a question one of the best operating systems out there. Nevertheless, It has its own issues that no one can deny and some of these issues are quiet major like the fact that it lacks more consistent

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Setting Up WhatsApp Web on your Smartphone

whatsapp web for iphone

WhatsApp is one of the most beloved messaging apps around the world. In fact, more than a billion people use it every single day. However, there are times your conversation is bigger than what you want to put over a

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Things You Didn’t Know Your iPhone Could Do

iphone  plus

While some of the things that your iPhone can do are hidden in plain sight, some of them are just not common knowledge. Siri can also help out a bit as well, but most of these are available on iOS

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?