Is Facebook Lite Tracking You Down?

facebook lite tracking

The privacy marathon between the apps is heading for another direction as each app is quite battling the other to provide the users with the level of privacy desired. Yet, the Facebook Lite messenger seems to be dismissing any privacy maintenance issues as it’s currently accused of tracking down the users by recording their contacts list and messages history, according to various Facebook Lite users who admit that the famous messenger is using deceptive methods to collect personal information about them without directly asking their permission to do so.

However, Facebook responded to such spying accusations by negating them completely. The assumed tracking down of Facebook Lite messenger users is not true at all, according to the famous company; yet, Facebook declared that Facebook Lite users are usually presented with two options; one of them is to allow the Lite messenger to read contacts list in order to stay connected with the all of them; and the user can surely turn this feature off easily.

All the extra fuss about the Facebook Lite privacy standards was caused by the fact that many users were able to download the history of their phone calls from the Facebook Lite history. Apparently, the phone calls history preserved on Facebook servers are a direct breach of the privacy of the user of Facebook Lite. Nevertheless, the Facebook Lite answer to these privacy breaching questions remains the same: any personal information tracking by the Lite messenger is based on the user’s consent that allows the messenger to do so, and in any time the user can stop this feature immediately.

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On the contrary, other users still accuse Facebook Lite messenger of collecting personal data in a more deceptive manner that may not be apparent to the average user. Many users state that even if they choose not to use the Facebook Lite messenger, their personal information are tracked down by the original Facebook app, which is a feature that the famous app doesn’t ask its users to agree to nor opt out from. In response to the previous issue, Facebook states that even if such allegations are true, the app, for instance, doesn’t read the content of the messages collected; yet the most important question remains that why is Facebook using such privacy breaching feature in the first place to collect data that the app doesn’t share with a third party? Weird!

Facebook states that by allowing the Lite messenger to read your contacts list and messages history, you’re thus enabling the messenger to provide you with an enhanced socializing experience. However, if you deem this feature as privacy hacking – and you think it’s time to give yourself a break from all the Facebook privacy scandals – you’re totally free to disable it through the Facebook settings.

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