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Instagram released a new application called Layout to further improve this dominant feature in Instagram. This application was developed to enable its users create an image collage. That is, it allows the user to pick a couple of photos and combine them into one picture. The app allows you to test your creativity. It was first developed for iOS devices but recently Instagram released an Android version of the application.

Instagram Layout is an easy application to use. To install it you can now download it from Google play store. After installing and opening the application, one is presented with custom layouts from which you pick one and you then select the images you want to create a collage of.

Its developers have also included a “Faces” option that one can use to view their pictures. After you have selected the images you want to create a collage of, you then start rearranging them to your liking by dragging and dropping. Then adjust the picture sizes to your liking too.

To make the image collage that you are creating even more appealing flip and rotate your pictures. The application also has a feature called photo booth that allows you to capture photos instantly and they are immediately arranged in a particular layout. You can add up to eight images to your image college.

After you have created your image collage you can post it on Instagram or on other social networking sites. During the press release while announcing the release of this new version, Instagram said that they introduced the application as a fun way of playing around with your images and coming up with an image collage.

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They said that the amount of creativity they had seen on the Instagram community had impressed them and that hey released the new version to enable even more people be able to express their creativity through the image collages they come up with. At the same press release Instagram announced that soon they will be releasing another application called Structure that will enable its users highlight details in images.


Download Instagram Layout for Android

Download Instagram Layout for iphone

As I conclude, it is clear to see that Instagram developers are pushing themselves to produce better applications and improve their services. Also for those who are afraid to get this app because they think they will pay, luck is on their side as it is absolutely free.

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