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China Puts a Stop to WhatsApp


WhatsApp, the popular messaging app that is owned and ran by Facebook, has been shut down in China as part of a government censorship of the internet. Chinese WhatsApp users noticed a partial block in the apps services. Most users

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Microsoft renames and upgrades “Beam” to compete with Twitch


While Twitch is busy looking for ways to increase what can be stream on its platform, Microsoft is silently making plans to introduce a streaming platform that will be easy and comfortable to use. Microsoft, today renamed “Beam”, it game

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Microsoft introduce a portable holographic display that can fit into your glasses 


As part of the plans to make a portable headset for augmented reality, Microsoft has made a significant progress in making this a reality. Many wearable tech devices have been said to be holographic, but they aren’t. According to researches

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4 Great Tips for a Better Skype Experience


Skype is one of the most popular video chat platforms available. It has various uses from business to personal and everything in between. With more than a million downloads, users have figured out how to make the experience the best

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Facebook Messenger to Suggest Birthday Wishes


M, the virtual assistant at the heart of Facebook Messenger, was launched back in 2015. The assistant started to suggest things in early April, and now has the capability to suggest that users say happy birthday to their Facebook friends. 

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Are you Hungry? You can now order food online through Facebook


As part of the steps in making life easier for Facebook users without leaving the safe confinement of their social network, Facebook has added another feature that allows user to order food online without needing to log out of their

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Instagram Launches Paid Post Labels


It’s no secret that Instagram is full of sponsoring- from photos to videos and everything in between. By law, sponsored posts that appear on social media sites are supposed to be announced as such, ad after the Federal Trade Commission

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Computex 2017 event: Qualcomm, Intel, AMD, NVIDIA, MSI, Samsung


Yes you may have heard the rumor and might be very eager to know what Computex is all about. Well, Computex has really kicked off in Taipei and also at Android authority. Computex is one of the largest computer and

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