Google Hangouts is now Android Messages



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Google Hangouts is now Android Messages

android messages google hangouts

Up until recently, Google has made use of Hangouts as its all-in-one application used for both video and text chats. However, in an attempt to streamline its G Suite, that will soon be changing. Hopes are that the changes implemented

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Which do you prefer: Signal, Google Voice, Textra SMS, Android Messages

messaging apps sms

Out of all the features which Android has done very well, messaging is the one which is still considered the best as compared to other famous mobile platforms. The reason is that the makers have customary loaded a practical messaging

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Google Messenger is now Android Messages 2017

android messages google messenger

Messaging forms a significant part of tech companies such as Facebook, Apple, and Snap. The services they offer a platform for people to communicate in different ways. Facebook messenger has been a popular platform for people however Google has not

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What is your favourite Operating System: iOS or Android?

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