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Download Vine for iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, iPod Touch, Fire Phone, Firefox OS, Nokia Asha, PC, Windows, Mac OS and Linux. Vine is a social media app that allows its numerous users to watch and also post looping six-second video clips on Twitter, Facebook and the social network of Vine. Vine app is a Twitter-owned service that can be a lot of fun and also trouble-free to use. However, parents are hereby informed that Vine app contains contents that are not suitable for kids, in view of the fact that many of the videos are harmless.

Children can come across offensive language, drug use, sex, nudity and more in Vine app, when creative searching is done. There are also copiousness of attractive, fun videos, a number of clever, artistic creative clips and quite a lot of sophomoric potty humor. On the other hand, direct message option for videos you wish to share with only one person or a few people, not the entire world is equally available with the Vine app.

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