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Download TextPlus


If you are the kind who lives to text and connect… if you eat, breathe and sleep texts then this is one app that you simply can’t miss. It would not be wrong to call textPlus a text lover’s dream as this free app not only lets you send and receive SMSs for free, but it also allows international calls at an unbeatable rate. What’s more? This app also supports group chat so you can add multiple users to your chat.

textPlus App is a Text-Lovers Dream!

With the textPlus app, you get everything that you get from your phone company at comparatively lower rate, or it might be completely free at times.

TextPlus for Smartphone

Download TextPlus for Android

Download TextPlus for iPhone

Not available for Windows Phone

Not available for Amazon

Not available for Blackberry

Not available for Firefox OS

Not available for Nokia Asha

TextPlus Download for Tablet

Download TextPlus for Android Tablet Download TextPlus for iPad Download TextPlus for iPod touch Not available for Windows Phone Tablet Not available for Amazon Tablet Not available for Blackberry Tablet Not available for Firefox OS Tablet

Download TextPlus for Desktop

Not Available for PC

Not Available for Windows

Not Available for Mac OS

Not Available for Linux

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