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mightytext-appMightyText is the easiest to use, of all the different PC text messaging solutions for Android. You can fire up the Webapp, sign into Gmail or install it on your Android and you are ready to go. Whether you are connected on Wi-Fi or using a data plan, how MightyText syncs your text messages effortlessly is a great and big seller about it. Also you can install Mightytext Pro and play extra features.

MightyText for Smartphone

Download MightyText for Android

Download MightyText for iPhone

Not Available for Windows Phone

Not Available for Blackberry

Not Available for Fire Phone

Not Available for Firefox OS

MightyText for Tablet

Download MightyText for Android tablet

Download MightyText for iPad

Not Available for Windows Phone tablet

Not Available for Windows 8 tablet

Not Available for Blackberry tablet

Not Available for Kindle Fire HD HDX

Not Available for Firefox OS Tablet

MightyText for Desktop

Download MightyText for PC Chrome

Download MightyText for PC Firefox

MightyText for PC Internet Explorer IE9 IE10 IE11

Download MightyText for PC Opera

Download MightyText for MAC Safari

Not Available for Linux

Installation Guide

Install the MightyText Desktop App (recommended)
— OR —
Launch the MightyText Web App
— OR —
Follow these steps for Internet Explorer:

  • In IE, click the “Settings” icon, then select “Internet Options”
  • Select the “Security” tab
  • Click the green “Trusted Sites” icon, then the “Sites” button
  • Under “Add this website to the zone:”, type in “” then hit “Add”
  • Repeat the previous step and add “” and “” to the same list
  • Hit “Close”, then “OK”
  • Launch the MightyText Web App

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