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WhatsApp si the #1 text messaging app worldwide with more than 500 million active users.

WhatsApp New 2018 Personalized Stickers

In 2018, the viral messenger WhatsApp has faced quite the dilemma when its platform and millions of its users were threatened by the spread of fake news, misinformation, hate messages and the various types of misuses of the chatting app. However, as WhatsApp is starting to recover from the horrific results of misusing the platform, developers at the company are not slowing down the release of any new features or services in order to keep the WhatsApp messenger the no. 1 messaging app for the majority of the customers. Recently, with the release of the new WhatsApp version, the company ... Read more

WhatsApp beats the likes of Facebook Messenger and WeChat

WhatsApp is the most popular chatting client in the world, beating the likes of Facebook Messenger and WeChat in terms of sheer monthly users. And the application is regularly updated by the company, meaning fresh additions and tweaks are constantly being introduced. WABetaInfo, a publication renowned for digging through WhatsApp beta and alpha code in an effort to find hints for future features, recently insisted it had discovered two forthcoming additions. WhatsApp Updates The outlet noted in a new beta version for WhatsApp an option was present in a thread containing multiple users called “reply privately”. Such a feature was ... Read more

New Unintentionally Dangerous WhatsApp Feature

This year, the most notorious messenger, WhatsApp, tried to conquer some serious obstacles and at the same time provide the users will a huge variety of features and services that range from as simple as “Mark as Read” feature to the very recent unlimited backup service that WhatsApp granted the users in order to provide them with an extra online cloud. In a recent collaboration with Google, WhatsApp messenger presented its new unlimited online cloud that’s designed to help the users store anything and create backup as well. The new WhatsApp feature is, of course, a very helpful one to ... Read more

Whatsapp lets you Stream videos and watch a video while it is still being downloaded

I’m here with the news about the latest update of Whatsapp messenger and with this update, Whatsapp has taken things to whole other level. So what are these updates? Well, there are occasions we send a message which we do not intend to do and sometimes wish there was a way to retract it. While with Gmail, this feature has been active for years, it has been impossible with Whatsapp, but with the recent updates to their app, it is now possible to do same with Whatsapp. Whatsapp has updated the app with an option to retract sent messages. With ... Read more

Setting Up WhatsApp Web on your Smartphone

WhatsApp is one of the most beloved messaging apps around the world. In fact, more than a billion people use it every single day. However, there are times your conversation is bigger than what you want to put over a smartphone app. Fortunately, WhatsApp is not simply bound to your phone and can actually be used on your home computer as well. One of the best things about using WhatsApp on your computer is that it lets you see pictures more clearly, allows you to read long messages more easily and lets you scroll faster so that you can find ... Read more

China Puts a Stop to WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the popular messaging app that is owned and ran by Facebook, has been shut down in China as part of a government censorship of the internet. Chinese WhatsApp users noticed a partial block in the apps services. Most users were unable to send photos and videos, and others were even unable to send basic text messages using the app. The blocking of WhatsApp marks the latest incident of Facebook’s products being blocked in China by the government’s “Great Fire Wall” (the government’s control over the internet). WhatsApp, according to its creators, was caught in the crossfire of China’s tightening ... Read more

WhatsApp Encryption Policies Under Scrutiny in Brazil

The co-founder for WhatsApp is Brian Acton and he is currently in Brazil. The purpose of the trip is to avoid any possible interruption in service and Brazil’s Supreme Court goes into talks to discuss the privacy of communications allowed there. WhatsApp has been directly affected a total of four times in Brazil because of perceived noncompliance issues with court orders directly involving crimes. WhatsApp claimed that they are unable to keep an eye on all communications, as their messages are encrypted and hard to read, even if intercepted. In 2015, the WhatsApp service was suspended after failing to provide ... Read more

Download Messenger Apps

Download Messenger Apps: WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, Tango, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, LINE Messenger, Wechat, oovoo, Nimbuzz, Pinger, Samsung ChatOn, Telegram, SnapChat, Google Hangouts, Windows Live, Skype and more, … Select your messaging app below: Telegram LINE Tango Whatsapp Kik Kakaotalk Skype Viber Wechat Chaton Facebook Messenger Instagram Direct Rebtel Talkatone Google Hangouts Yahoo Messenger Google Messenger Pinger Hike imo Nimbuzz Oovoo Icq Meetme Vine weheartit Didi bbm Voxofon Talkray Keek Omlet chat Textplus Pinterest Whatsapp Plus VK Chat iMessage clipchat Messenger Keechat Text Me! Wephone QQ TrueCaller Fast Messenger Snapchat Mightytext Threema Allo Messenger Hi GroupMe Klyph Messenger 4talk Messenger Franz ... Read more

Download Whatsapp Messenger and Enjoy Free Video Calls

Whatsapp is adding the handy video call to its application very soon. The feature has actually made its presence in the Whatsapp Messenger application for phones running the Android operating system. This has been made available to the beta testers under the version 2.16.80. The video calling feature can be accessed right from the chat window, as is the norm with the other messengers. Tapping the phone icon on the top right hand corner of the Android application used to initiate a voice call to the user, but after the video call option would be made available to the user, ... Read more