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WhatsApp Messenger is to Become Ad-Friendly

After the recent innovations that took place in the WhatsApp community which include  adding many new features that range in their importance and vitality, it seems that there’re more and more plans in order to further increase the popularity  and, most importantly, functionality of the WhatsApp messenger. Of course, it can’t be denied that social media apps and chatting and messaging platforms play such a huge part in managing and creating business deals and opportunities. WhatsApp is certainly one of the biggest business friendly apps available at the moment, and, reportedly, there’re more plans to enhance the WhatsApp service in ... Read more

3 Messaging Apps that are more Secure than WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps, and it has been adding some security features lately. The two-step verification allows users to verify their numbers using a six-digit code and this makes the process more secure. This helps in avoiding the duplication of user accounts on the app. Although WhatsApp Messenger continues to ride with popularity, here are three other messaging apps that offer better security than WhatsApp: Signal Another free messaging app that offers end-to-end encryption for all complete encryption types of conversations is Signal. You may also use the app to set up chat groups that ... Read more

WhatsApp Messenger drives its Biggest Update

As the WhatsApp recently brought up its newest update which made it seem more like a Snapchat, the after effect from the app store analysts was rapid and swift. The app’s continuous high ratings declined to one and two stars reviewed in last few weeks, as users have made complaints regarding the messaging app which was purchased by Facebook, has destroyed its customer relationship with its new features like the “status” feature. This feature allows users to upload photos, video clips and GIFS can be loaded with colorful emoji, texts and then vanishes after 24 hours. Seem familiar? The feature ... Read more