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WhatsApp Messenger Fears the Expansion of the Misuse

Since the start of 2019, the popular messenger WhatsApp has been facing multiple and uncountable misuse incidents where the platform was utilized to spread misinformation, fake news and hate messages and threats. And despite the continuous attempts and countermeasures taken by the developers of the messaging app, the platform is still, to a certain extent, prone to misuses, hackers and trackers who intimidate the WhatsApp users by interfering with their chats and accounts. However, many countries and big WhatsApp communities around the world have started to aid the messenger company in the battle of preventing the misuses of the platform. ... Read more

Whatsapp lets you Stream videos and watch a video while it is still being downloaded

I’m here with the news about the latest update of Whatsapp messenger and with this update, Whatsapp has taken things to whole other level. So what are these updates? Well, there are occasions we send a message which we do not intend to do and sometimes wish there was a way to retract it. While with Gmail, this feature has been active for years, it has been impossible with Whatsapp, but with the recent updates to their app, it is now possible to do same with Whatsapp. Whatsapp has updated the app with an option to retract sent messages. With ... Read more

How to Delete Unwanted WhatsApp Messages

There is a pretty significant change being made in WhatsApp concerning the messages you would like to “unsend”. Previously, you could still unsend messages that seemed irrelevant or shameful, however, up until now, the timeframe to do so was very short. You were only allowed seven minutes to take back a message you wish you had not sent in the first place. However, we are getting ready to see all that change, thanks to a new update, according to the WABetaInfo website. There is now code that shows people will now be allowed to delete messages after as long as ... Read more

Setting Up WhatsApp Web on your Smartphone

WhatsApp is one of the most beloved messaging apps around the world. In fact, more than a billion people use it every single day. However, there are times your conversation is bigger than what you want to put over a smartphone app. Fortunately, WhatsApp is not simply bound to your phone and can actually be used on your home computer as well. One of the best things about using WhatsApp on your computer is that it lets you see pictures more clearly, allows you to read long messages more easily and lets you scroll faster so that you can find ... Read more

WhatsApp will no longer be available on some phones from 1st January 2018

It may sound like the wrong day of the year to be checking lists but there is one list all WhatsApp users will want to check before New Year’s Eve. It may not be a happy new year for some WhatsApp users who may be unable to send their love and best wishes at midnight to family and friends. WhatsApp have just announced that it will no longer work on several phones. The company made the announcement earlier on this year and the reason WhatsApp have given for certain devices no longer being able to use the messaging app is, ... Read more

Download WhatsApp Beta 2.17.234 for Windows Phone

Whatsapp messenger is leading all other messaging apps with billions of active users, and they are increasing day by day. This company is not only getting fame among people but also got success in running an accomplished business. Recently an up gradation is made in WhatsApp for Microsoft windows mobiles phones in version number 2.17.234. It has added new features, and some upcoming changes are also expected to be launched soon. The Facebook-owned apps are becoming more facilitating and friendly regarding updates. It is creating a link between consumer and businesses. Whatsapp beta permits you to reach verifies business profiles ... Read more

WhatsApp’s Privacy Pirated By Facebook

It was 2014 when Facebook made the $19 billion deal to purchase the messaging app know as WhatsApp. At the time of the initial purchase, Facebook agreed that user information would not cross the line between the two entities, but rather that they would remain separate. Unfortunately, Facebook has gone back on its promise and made changes last year to WhatsApp’s privacy policy with a controversial announcement that data would in fact be shared. For instance, user’s phone numbers that are associated with their accounts will be shared in an effort to track profiles between both services, so that more ... Read more

WhatsApp to launch P2P payment services in India

The famous messaging app WhatsApp may release the peer-to-peer method of payment in India and is probable to be supported by the UPI (Unified Payments Interface). In a report published by The Ken, WhatsApp Messenger – which has not got any terms in India – is searching for the people to hire them for a Digital Transaction Lead to supervise the digital transaction system in the state. During February 2017, the highly popular messaging app in India has declared that it had got more than 200 million users each month in India and a payment system is going to be integrated with ... Read more

You can now Pin Favorite Chats at the top in WhatsApp Messenger

According to reports, WhatsApp Messenger is testing many new features to make its messaging app best. They are trying to make this app fun and convenient which helps users in daily messaging. The latest feature of WhatsApp includes chat conversation feature in which the user can pin their favorite contact at the top of the Chats. This feature is still in testing mode in Android and will be available soon in the stable versions of the app. This pinning feature was first spotted by Android Police. This feature is available in WhatsApp beta and if you are running Android versions ... Read more