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WeChat or Weibo?

It seems to have been a long standing trend that when travelers from China travel abroad, they often aim for destinations that are friendly to their WeChat app so that they might have the opportunity to impress their friends. However, reports are now showing that this trend looks to be changing according to the key opinion leader agency, also known as the KOL. The marketing report put out that shows the distribution of the content of social media for about thirty thousand influencers earlier this year, said that Weibo appears to now be the favored method of instant messaging and ... Read more

WeChat Security Issues

Recently, the notorious messaging app, WeChat, joined a long list of banned apps due to security issues. The Chinese app was banned, in the last few days, by the military forces in Australia; the authorities notified the military divisions not to use WeChat, for the app, reportedly, has a serious security dysfunction. The defense department in the country declared that the WeChat features did not, unfortunately, stick to its guidelines; which as a result raise innumerable questions about the validity of WeChat security measures. Nevertheless, the authorities did not directly accuse the app of violating any security features, nor did ... Read more