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Where are you? Uber and Lyft rides with Facebook Messenger App

Things you might not know you can do with Facebook Messenger App. You don’t have to worry about sending that “Where are you?” message anymore if you and your friends remember to pin your location. Beneath the area where you normally type your messages, you can find a button that has the customary “three dots”  and when you click there, you should then select “location.” The app itself can locate you on the map, which you can send to any of your Facebook friends. How to hail a Lyft/Uber Using Facebook Messenger App If you’re looking for a ride to ... Read more

Now you can Order Ubers in Facebook Messenger Easily

With more services coming your way, Facebook Messenger now allows you to order Transportation, starting with Uber. This is not the first time that a ridesharing app get connected with a messaging app. WeChat which is a calling and messaging app used outside the U.S. also lets users book cars on ridesharing platforms like China’s Didi. Whereas, Tencent recently blocked users from booking with Uber many times in a continuing Chinese rideshare war. Nevertheless Facebook claims that this collaboration inspired by WeChat was of no necessity. Facebook is more inspired by how they see their users using Messenger and they just saw the ... Read more