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Is Tinder App compromising your information?

Much easier to use than other online dating portals, Tinder has ended the stigma of online dating. Users do not hide or lie about having tried online dating anymore. Tinder got a great deal of help achieving that from its super user-friendly features like the ability to import photos from your Facebook account after singing into Tinder with Facebook giving Tinder permissions to access a little more than your public info on Facebook, and all you need after that to start your Tinder profile is to write a short bio and you’re all set. The app’s user experience itself is ... Read more

Download Tinder App and test new Tinder Social Features

Tinder, the dating service has launched a new feature called Tinder social. The feature lets you create groups, meet others, chat, and planning of activities. Using Tinder has made social connections the same way they are in a real world because you can now have groups of friends sharing common interests. The company has already tested the feature in Australia and claims that Tinder social users have organized pub crawls, attended, concerts and more. The feature will be available inside the Tinder app, of course after the app update users will have to toggle the feature on as it is ... Read more

Why has Tinder gone flat?

The Tinder has presently got flattened with thousands of hits thus leaving many people unable to reach to the most popular dating app. It looks like that Tinder is retrieving back online for the users all around the world, after such a drastic outage but it is important to consider that why this happened. The world’s top dating app has seemed to be in worry a few months back.  The app’s outage monitoring section named as “Down Detector” is presently exhibiting thousands of issues which usually seem to affect the Europe and UK. Interestingly, this is not the first time ... Read more