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TikTok is Becoming Inappropriate for Underages

Since the relaunch of the musical app TikTok earlier this year, the music-based platform has become a favorite for teenagers and youths mostly who seem to find in the combination of music and social communicating a great opportunity of exposing their musical or artistic talents to others who may have the same interests. TikTok App However, the uprising musical app TikTok has started to come across some complications since its platform doesn’t provide any sort of a parental control or guidance and that’s why many older users, concerned parents and multiple technological parties have started to declare their concerns that ... Read more

Download TikTok – Musical.ly 2020

The viral Chinese app TikTok – Musical.ly for Android, Ipad and iPhone – has been recently named one of the most used social media apps in 2019 with its massive base of users that counts up to millions of people from all regions of the world. However, it seems that the musical platform is again being scrutinized by authorities and government officials due to its shady privacy standards; the app has been accused since its relaunch that its privacy policy isn’t protecting the user’s private info and individual details. TikTok Videos – Privacy The privacy concerns are rising from the ... Read more