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Samsung Plans to Present a Notched Galaxy Soon

As Samsung is always experimenting with its devices and smartphones, in an attempt to introduce the audience with the best qualified products possible, the prestigious company may be taking yet a further step towards re-innovating the Samsung Galaxy products. However, it appears that Samsung is heading towards producing a notched Galaxy smartphone, which is considered quite a smart technique of presenting the audience with a desirable device that is very closely similar to Apple’s iPhone X. Reportedly, Samsung is intending to increase the front space of the Galaxy smartphone in order to provide the user with even a high level ... Read more

Top Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Features you should know

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is now official and each and every year Samsung likes to add some new and interesting features to keep things exciting. So, let’s take a look at some of the top new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. So aside from catching fire, I think one of the biggest complaints about the Note 7 was that it was basically an S7 Edge with an S Pen, whereas previous Galaxy Notes had features that truly differentiate itself from the Galaxy S line. I think Samsung did a really great job of addressing some of those ... Read more

Messenger Apps for Samsung Galaxy Tab S3

Looking for a great tablet for your messaging apps? The competition of quality vs. cost still dominates the market very severely. The most prestigious smart devices companies are always fiercely attempting to lure more customers to purchase their newly bred devices. However, many customers have showed their resentment due to the huge costs required to obtain the new product in the markets. Companies like Samsung and Apple are considering serious plans to combine both great qualities and decent costs in one formula. Recently, Samsung shocked the customers with its new move to reduce the price of its uniquely designed Galaxy ... Read more

Samsung Ends 3 updates of Android Security

Android is without a question one of the best operating systems out there. Nevertheless, It has its own issues that no one can deny and some of these issues are quiet major like the fact that it lacks more consistent security updates for different smartphone devices of different types for many reasons. First of all, Carriers have to approve the over the air distribution of the updates on most of the devices that run on Android operating system. The thing is, carriers are able to delay the updates even after they are offered by the manufacturer of the smartphones by ... Read more

Best Modern Smartphones to Buy

Every brand of mobile manufacturers is competitively producing brands of their phones in daily basis. Big corporations like Samsung, Apple, Android and Oppo in China are introducing new brands of smartphones into the market with varied features, operating systems, cost and qualities. Big companies are making the most quality phones because they possess resources and capital to empress the new technologies and even invent new innovations. Customers are usually at the disposal of many types of phones competing in terms of technology and quality, especially apple and Samsung companies. The most recent smartphones produced by several brands are discussed. From ... Read more

Get Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus in India in the sale

At the Mobile World Congress (MWG) Last month, February 2018, the long awaited Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus were revealed. The two devices that will be the talk of the technology world for the next few weeks will be launched in India on March 6th even though the pre-booking of the two phones in the available colors, blue, black, and purple, has already started in India at the end of last month specifically on the 26th of it. These three colors are available for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 plus 64 GB, though, while the 256 GB ... Read more

Apple, Samsung and Amazon are the Best Tablets to Buy in 2017

While shopping for a tablet, it is difficult to know where to start the process. There is a large number of things which must be taken into consideration like the mobility, budget, the life of the battery, and basic usage requirements. That’s why we are here to help you out in finding the best options for the tablets of the year 2017, which are readily available in the market these days. They range from the inexpensive Amazon Fire HD to the highly expensive Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro S. choose the one which suits your requirement and which so ever you ... Read more

The New Samsung Note 8

The first Galaxy introduced by Samsung in 2011 – the Note – was the laughing stock of reporters who noted its “overly large” size, with a 5.3 inch display. However, it turned out to be a great hit with consumers. In addition to last year’s exploding batteries, Samsung found itself in a bit of fix seeing that most all releases in 2017 from competitor’s phones had smaller screen sizes. However, the Samsung Note 8 takes the larger route for screen sizes, at 6.3 inches with a 1440 x 2960 Quad HD, being just a little larger than the Note 7. ... Read more

The Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus is a workhorse

In a previous year that Samsung Galaxy S8 was declared to be the best smart phone of the year. In same year some other smart phones were famous which includes: Asus ZenFone 3, flagship LG G6, mid rangers Songy Xperia XA1, Sony Xperia XZ, Sony Xperia XZ’s other sets and Huawei Mate 9. S8 was a milestone by Koreans and an amazing flagship device after they face a huge loss due to battery disasters in Note 7. That was a huge recovery from Samsung. S8 has pretty impressive features with a stylish physical body just like a block of obsidian. ... Read more