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New Google Play Store Update on Android devices

What are the developments that Google play store can boast of recently? Well, I guess it has something new for those who have Android devices with them! The new message Google play carry with it is the change of its look. The implication will be felt on Android devices. There is a prospect that the new look of the Google Play Store has started to make its way across the Android universe. One may want to know the new features incorporated in this new look of the Google Play Store, formerly Android Market ( market://details?goToHome=1 ). There are two tabs ... Read more

Google Play Store Market vs Apple iTunes

Which of Apple iTunes and Google Play Store is the market leader as there had been continuous struggle between the two giants? The fact is that Apple operates on iOS including iTunes Apple App Store, while Google is based on an Android operating system that includes Google Play Store. From these two stores, users can download books, music, videos, and even movies. Google Play Store Market In a likewise manner, the Android market was launched by Google in the year 2008 and it had 2300 applications by 2009, a number increasing to 80000 by the year 2010. In 2012, the Android market ... Read more

Android Wear Apps marked as enhanced on Google Play Store

Debuted earlier this week is a new look for the Google Play Store. Right from the beginning, users have been receiving changes Google has been delivering to further refine its app store experience. On how Google was providing more useful information about app ratings, implementing a clear numerical system to make fractional ratings more easily conveyable, was shown earlier today. Google Play delivers Wear support packaged within standard phone or tablet apps as opposed to rather starting a secondary app store just for wearables. You can install Messenger on your phone, and then that app makes its Android Wear content available on ... Read more