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OnePlus 7T Brings Back the 90Hz Display

The OnePlus tech brand has been rising steadily to prominence as more and more customers are aiming to further experiment with their gadgets and devices by trying OnePlus smartphones. The aspiring company is trying to present extremely functional devices that are both chic and efficient. Recently, many customers admitted that they would like to have the 90Hz display in the OnePlus 7T smartphone; The 90Hz feature has been welcomed positively by so many users and customers around the world and the company promises to equip more affordable smartphones with the same feature. OnePlus 7T Reportedly, the CEO of OnePlus admitted ... Read more

New white silk color for the OnePlus 6?

New white silk color for the OnePlus 6 or are you picking one already released? It seems silly we think about what sort of color we want in a phone when most of us carry phones in covers now as they are certainly not as durable, and handle drops like the old brick phones. Color trends seem to come and go some last longer than others and there are many designs out there with covers that have mirrors are loaded with glitter and all the rest. However, there are some people out there that always use a clear cover, so ... Read more

Master the OxygenOS with these OnePlus Tips

OnePlus first made a name for itself when its phones began to continually defy expectations. The OnePlus 5 holds to this expectation with its slim, sleek, powerful design and its Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor. Along with 8GB RAM, the curved screen is beneficial, providing bright and colorful displays. In fact, the dual camera has provided some of the best photos seen so far this year. However, one of the best features of the new OnePlus has nothing at all to do with the hardware attached to it. A later on top of the already popular Android Nougat, called OxygenOS, gives ... Read more

OnePlus is performing better right lately

A weird thing which occurred between the mid of 2016 and present day: The OnePlus stopped being screwed up. The company which got notorious because of worst marketing campaigns and making customers to wait for the months in the virtual line inside the market of smartphones to get the new phones, has improbably or wholeheartedly, decided to correct the course during past nine months, changing itself, at least by the exterior, being a well-managed and confident machine. After the release of OnePlus 3 during June 2016, – the phone which is known as the downright excellent phone – the company ... Read more

Latest OnePlus 5 video revealed many things about this phone

On YouTube, there is a new concept video of OnePlus upcoming flagship smartphone which is OnePlus Five is released and it shared by techdroider. This is not the original video of the OnePlus 5, this is a just concept, there are so several videos like this on the YouTube which create new rumors and leaks and going viral crazy. But in this situation, the video is shared by techdroider, the design of the OnePlus 5 is quite different than the other designs that we see in on the other ideas of this Smartphone. In the design of this new smartphone ... Read more