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Now Facebook Messenger supports Group Payments for all

Facebook introduces the person to person payments in the Messenger App in the year 2015, but they announced it today to support groups. It works both in group chat and private ones, you can pay either 1 member of the group or everyone in the group through a click on the Dollar sign. You can click on the payment icon, but for doing this you can click first on the Plus sign at the bottom side of the group conversation. This is so helpful for the groups that want to decide to gift a present to their friend or want to ... Read more

Whatsoever has Happened to Skype Messenger?

Skype, being the highly revolutionized free video call service, is still in use, but it is not discussed much in the realm of Snap Inc., Facebook, and Instagram Inc. Skype has got over 300 million active users, which makes it comparable to Twitter Inc. but Skype Messenger contains more beneficial features which are built on much newer technology, at least for the users who want to make calls just like they do use phone and video chats free of cost. As the Skypes was released in 2003, the thought that people could connect through video call was a new thing, especially ... Read more

WhatsApp Messenger drives its Biggest Update

As the WhatsApp recently brought up its newest update which made it seem more like a Snapchat, the after effect from the app store analysts was rapid and swift. The app’s continuous high ratings declined to one and two stars reviewed in last few weeks, as users have made complaints regarding the messaging app which was purchased by Facebook, has destroyed its customer relationship with its new features like the “status” feature. This feature allows users to upload photos, video clips and GIFS can be loaded with colorful emoji, texts and then vanishes after 24 hours. Seem familiar? The feature ... Read more

Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks

Facebook Messenger is a popular messaging app, not only because Facebook requires mobile users to install it before sending Facebook messages, but also because it’s easy to use. To make it even easier, here are a few tricks for Facebook Messenger. FB Messenger Tips and Tricks 1- Bigger Likes To send big thumbs up in a chat, simply tap and hold the blue thumbs up button until it gets bigger. Release the button to send a big thumbs up. 2- Turn Location ON/OFF New messages in Facebook Messenger always include your location. To turn your location off, tap the ‘settings’ ... Read more

4talk Messenger App Review

Offered by the 4talk Global Inc. the 4talk Messenger will provide you with a great avenue for instant messaging. This app basically work by offering you with an instant communication just like any other IM between smartphone devices. With it you will be able to keep your conversation going. Features of This App: Just like any other instant messaging application, you will get some of the standard features of an IM messenger as well as other features that are particular unique to this app. These features include: Ability to communicate with smileys and stickers. The developer of this app has ... Read more

How to Be on Whatsapp Messenger without Mobile Number

Whatsapp has emerged as one of the most popular and useful apps in today‘s technology world. With its number of users crossing the billion and increasing all the time, it is on the way to becoming the world‘s giant. However, Whatsapp Messenger provides many services to its users and constantly improves the performance of the some features, making them better and attractable. At the same time, costumers are grateful for total safety and security of the personal data on this app. When you enter Whatsapp Messenger, the first thing you have to do is finding friends on the network. In these ... Read more

Threema Messenger Now Allows you to Send PDFs & GIFs Safely

Threema Messaging app is specifically designed for Windows phone, Android and iPhone and it focuses mainly on security. Threema Messenger was launched on the Windows Phone platform at the end of last year while a latest update for Android increased the total number of features of the app. A related update for iOS was just released recently. With this new update for Threema Application, Threema for iOS  users can now send PDFs, GIFs and many more file types to other Threema users safely. Threema encrypts all your interactions uninterrupted; such as files, group chats, messages and even status messages. With ... Read more

ALLO is the New Better Mobile Messaging App from Google

For some time now, we can notice that Facebook messenger has been the most popular mobile chat app. Most of the users prefer this app because Facebook offers it as a general chance and easy reaching means for communication. Becuase of this, Google became interested in building an app which would be a rival to Messenger as well as a good competition in the mobile industry. And my name is… Allo Namely, Google considers involving a chatbot programme that searches The Internet and finds the relevant information for interested users. Actually, a chatbot program has the role in stimulating communication ... Read more

Facebook Messenger Group Calls for up to 50 Participants

Have you ever dreamed about speaking to up to 50 people at the same time? Probably no, but this is not dreaming anymore as Facebook messenger developed possibility to make such a group call. This opportunity came into force recently and have become one of the most popular features on the Facebook messenger. If you want to start with a group call, you will simply have to click on the phone screen and begin. There are no any complications as Messenger wanted to make it really attractable for users. However, Messenger hasn’t developed the video group calling yet, which could ... Read more