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How To Delete Facebook Messenger on Android

Do you want to Delete Facebook Messenger on Android devices? Millions of people around the world use Messenger and so many add up every single day. While Messenger is one of the most preferred instant messaging platforms, it’s not without its nuisances. Many people feel overwhelmed by the power of online media that hooks them to the virtual world of status updates and sharing photos/ videos. Delete Messenger on Android To delete messenger on Android you will first need to go to the home screen and access the Google Play Store. Tap on the Store’s icon to go to Google ... Read more

Messenger Apps ready for Android 9.0

Now you can get Android 9.0 and your favourite messenger apps free for newest google OS update. Google tradition holds that commercial names of new Android versions will be kept secret, and this latest uptake is not different. While no sources are particularly trustworthy for the information presently, some of the names for Android’s new 9.0 P that have been passed around include Pie, Pistachio Ice Cream, Pancake, Peppermint, Praline and Pineapple. Currently, it is only a few weeks until Android 9.0 launches and we finally have the new name. It comes from an employee of Huawei, so we believe ... Read more

Facebook introduces Messenger App for Kids

As a parent, I know what it entails when kids connect with family and friends with using technology, therefore, it is important for us to know how safe they are whenever they are online. That’s why I’m excited about Facebook Messenger for kids. Facebook recently launched their messenger for kids and a lot of controversies has surrounded it. Critics say it will make and will help make kids addicted or addicted to social media. This Facebook Messenger lets kids 6 to 13 years old, communicate with friends and family, so what are the parameters behind this? Before we delve into ... Read more

Facebook Messenger fixes its freezing IOS bug

If you own an IPhone and use Facebook Messenger at the same time, you will have to update your version of the messaging app immediately. A new update has been released by Facebook for the messaging app’s IOS version especially for those who faced the glitch on IOS 11. This update is meant to fix a bug that faced many users of the app on IPhone. Facebook Messenger on IPhone The annoying bug caused Facebook Messenger on IPhone to freeze completely after the user starts typing a few words which forces the user to close and restart Messenger after every ... Read more

Facebook Messenger now allow users to share their location for an hour

Facebook is trying to turn it messaging app into a social gathering tool rather than being an ordinary online chat app. With this new feature, users will be able to privately share their location on a map for an hour through a group or direct message thread. According to Selena Wang, the feature’s Product Manager said that a live location tool is a powerful tool that can be used to tell others (you are having an appointment with) where you are. This is the second time Facebook will be trying to integrate the map into their messaging app after the ... Read more

The New Look of Facebook Messenger

There is soon to be a brand new look for the popular Facebook Messenger. No worries though, as it is not getting rid of Messenger Day. There will rather be an implementation of several smaller changes including the home screen content organization, which is going to make navigation quicker and easier. The update seeks to emphasize messaging, while maintaining that is can also be a hub for connections with all kinds, whether friends or colleagues. In this update, you will see new tabs at the top of the main screen. These will allow you to easily move between your contacts, ... Read more

Download and Install newest Hike 5.0 Stories

Since last year Hike Messenger has added the “stories” feature like the one in Snapchat allowing users to post photos of them and their friends decorated with stickers and other filters. A “story” will stick around for about 48 hours before disappearing, and does not have ratings or likes, only the number of times it has been viewed by people. To start a new story, first download the latest version of Hike if you haven’t done that already, switch to the tab named “stories” and tab on the icon of the camera and tab again for more filters or stickers. ... Read more

Facebook Messenger to Suggest Birthday Wishes

M, the virtual assistant at the heart of Facebook Messenger, was launched back in 2015. The assistant started to suggest things in early April, and now has the capability to suggest that users say happy birthday to their Facebook friends.  For some of us, this new feature is helpful- but for others, it seems to be a waste of time. After all, the Facebook home page already reminds us of our friends’ birthdays, so why do we need another reminder? The birthday reminders are so users can keep in touch with their social groups, says the company. To start with, ... Read more

You can now Pin Favorite Chats at the top in WhatsApp Messenger

According to reports, WhatsApp Messenger is testing many new features to make its messaging app best. They are trying to make this app fun and convenient which helps users in daily messaging. The latest feature of WhatsApp includes chat conversation feature in which the user can pin their favorite contact at the top of the Chats. This feature is still in testing mode in Android and will be available soon in the stable versions of the app. This pinning feature was first spotted by Android Police. This feature is available in WhatsApp beta and if you are running Android versions ... Read more