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Messenger Apps ready for Android 9.0

Now you can get Android 9.0 and your favourite messenger apps free for newest google OS update. Google tradition holds that commercial names of new Android versions will be kept secret, and this latest uptake is not different. While no sources are particularly trustworthy for the information presently, some of the names for Android’s new 9.0 P that have been passed around include Pie, Pistachio Ice Cream, Pancake, Peppermint, Praline and Pineapple. Currently, it is only a few weeks until Android 9.0 launches and we finally have the new name. It comes from an employee of Huawei, so we believe ... Read more

Download Messenger Apps

Download Messenger Apps: WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, Tango, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, LINE Messenger, Wechat, oovoo, Nimbuzz, Pinger, Samsung ChatOn, Telegram, SnapChat, Google Hangouts, Windows Live, Skype and more, … Select your messaging app below: Telegram LINE Tango Whatsapp Kik Kakaotalk Skype Viber Wechat Chaton Facebook Messenger Instagram Direct Rebtel Talkatone Google Hangouts Yahoo Messenger Google Messenger Pinger Hike imo Nimbuzz Oovoo Icq Meetme Vine weheartit Didi bbm Voxofon Talkray Keek Omlet chat Textplus Pinterest Whatsapp Plus VK Chat iMessage clipchat Talk.to Messenger Keechat Text Me! Wephone QQ TrueCaller Fast Messenger Snapchat Mightytext Threema Allo Messenger Hi GroupMe Klyph Messenger 4talk Messenger Franz ... Read more

IMO Messenger against Skype and Google Hangouts

Earlier this year IMO Messenger app made the announcement that it would cut its association with third party networks like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and AIM; which made it to receive one of the biggest changes. The app has rather focused in emulating the features of Skype like video and audio calling. For their credit, everyone was given a warning (by them) so that their chat logs could be downloaded. They then cut the access to all the outside services in the end. According to Harik Georges, who is a former Google employee and one of the co-founders of IMO, the ... Read more

Make Free Calls And Messages Using Line Messenger

The Latest entry in the mix-platform instant messaging application is Line messenger. The men at Line are busy publicizing their application, through TV, internet, advertisements etc. But could it be worth the hype really? So why do I change to another thing after i have my traditional whatsapp! Let’s see in our detailed review. Line messenger, an application for free calling and texting, rivaling from messaging apps for example Whatsapp, Viber & WeChat, it has entered the 5 million registered customers mark in India across platforms. On the other hands, Line has entered 200 million user marks globally. This application ... Read more