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Does QUICKIE the ephemeral messaging app resonate with you

As the instant messaging industry continues to grow more and more messaging aps are being released. Quickie is one such application. Its first version was designed for Apple watches before they made the version for smartphones. Quickie’s features are not that different from features found in other messaging apps. Just like most messaging apps it can be installed in both iOS and Android devices. It is quite an easy app application to work with. Its major feature is that it is an ephemeral messaging app. This means that whatever you send be it a text, a video or an audio ... Read more

Lango Messaging App For iOS and Android

Self expression gets a new meaning with the Lango Messaging App! Sometimes there are a lot of emotions held within us and it becomes difficult to put them all into words. When the words fall short, images can do the job with ease. The Lango Messaging App is one such chat messenger that promises to offer more fun communicating! Lango Messaging is basically an instant messaging app that oozes a lot of style. When it comes to the fundamentals, it is quite similar to any other messenger such as LINE, Viber or WhatsApp. So, what’s different about the Lango Messaging ... Read more

Download Threema Messaging App to Send GIFs and PDFs

Tips for Using Threema Messenger to Send GIFs and PDFs Files to other Threema Users Safely. Threema application is specifically designed for Windows phone, Android and iPhone and it focuses mainly on security. Threema Messaging app was launched on the Windows Phone platform at the end of last year while a latest update for Android increased the total number of features of the app. A related update for iOS was just released recently. With this new update, Threema for iOS  users can now send PDFs, GIFs and many more file types to other Threema users safely. Threema encrypts all your ... Read more

Who’s In Messaging App

Microsoft has received mixed feedback on its various social media platforms. Recently, the company has jumped back onto the social media market with a new addition to iMessage– Who’s In. It’s unclear whether the app will do well or not, as Microsoft’s previous apps haven’t gotten the five star ratings that the company hoped they would. They remain hopefully, though. The app’s goal is help groups of friends plan for big events such as movies, parties, and dinner meetups. Who’s In uses the Bing search engine to search for hangout locations from within the messaging-based app. The location suggestions come ... Read more

Facebook to Launch a Teen Friendly Messaging App

Teens have a lot of experience with messaging apps, and most of that experience is unmonitored and on apps and websites that allow for communication with nearly anyone. While the younger generation sees no harm in this, it makes some of the parents a bit uncomfortable. After all- no parent wants a man or woman that is decades older than their child communicating with them through social media. Facebook has reportedly come up with a solution for this, and it comes in the form of a messaging app that teens 13 and older would have access to. The app wouldn’t ... Read more

Download Messenger Apps

Download Messenger Apps: WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, Tango, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, LINE Messenger, Wechat, oovoo, Nimbuzz, Pinger, Samsung ChatOn, Telegram, SnapChat, Google Hangouts, Windows Live, Skype and more, … Select your messaging app below: Telegram LINE Tango Whatsapp Kik Kakaotalk Skype Viber Wechat Chaton Facebook Messenger Instagram Direct Rebtel Talkatone Google Hangouts Yahoo Messenger Google Messenger Pinger Hike imo Nimbuzz Oovoo Icq Meetme Vine weheartit Didi bbm Voxofon Talkray Keek Omlet chat Textplus Pinterest Whatsapp Plus VK Chat iMessage clipchat Talk.to Messenger Keechat Text Me! Wephone QQ TrueCaller Fast Messenger Snapchat Mightytext Threema Allo Messenger Hi GroupMe Klyph Messenger 4talk Messenger Franz ... Read more

Google’s Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger converts the Audio Messages into Emoji

One of the biggest social media company, Google is working on the making of a messaging app, but this time it decided to work in the realm of audio space. At the start of this week, there has been a word going through the news, “SXSW,” the first app made from the Google’s incubator, Areas 120, but was available only for the iOS platform. Fortunately, it didn’t take much time to another messaging app to pop up in the Play Store. The Google’s novel messaging app, “Supersonic Fun Voice Messenger” app works for both iOS and Android and is the ... Read more

Zinc Messenger is a Popular Messaging App for Field Workers

Zinc was founded 3 years ago by two ex-employees from Yammer along with Slack, Atlassian. Stacey Epstein, who is the current CEO at Zinc now plans to sell the app to a completely different audience. Most of the Zinc Messenger users do not have a desk job, and they are on-the – field workers who spend most of their times on delivery vehicles, trucks or on the site. People who are involved in this type of profession comprise of nearly 80% of workforce in the United States that is nearly 20 million people. According to another field service software firm, the ... Read more

Is FireChat Messenger the Worst Messaging App on the Market?

FireChat messenger is a messaging app that isn’t often heard of. Why? It’s debatable, but one of the major reasons is because of its low Google Play Store reviews. The app has an overall rating of 3.4 stars, which doesn’t sound bad, but is quite ugly when compared with other apps like Kik and Facebook Messenger. So, what makes users give this app such low reviews? Here is a short list. Notifications Notifications aren’t usually a bad thing- especially when users can turn them on or off whenever they choose. With FireChat, however, the recommended app notifications can’t be turned off. ... Read more