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Facebook Messenger now allow users to share their location for an hour

Facebook is trying to turn it messaging app into a social gathering tool rather than being an ordinary online chat app. With this new feature, users will be able to privately share their location on a map for an hour through a group or direct message thread. According to Selena Wang, the feature’s Product Manager said that a live location tool is a powerful tool that can be used to tell others (you are having an appointment with) where you are. This is the second time Facebook will be trying to integrate the map into their messaging app after the ... Read more

Download Facebook Messenger and Discover Live Location Feature

The ability to share a specific location, such as being at a particular store or restaurant, has been an available feature of the Facebook Messenger for quite sometime now. However, the newest variation of this technology allows you to add a live location that will move around as you do. Rightly named ‘Live Location‘, it became available the last week of March 2017 and you can now opt in to the service if you would like to be found more easily. Many users who have tested this tech have stated that it makes it much easier to get together with ... Read more