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Kik Messenger App: about to Shut down one of the most popular messaging app

Kik Messenger used for free text messaging. It is a communication app. It is used for sending and receiving photos, videos, texts, calling and etc on free of cost. Support widgets, SMS inbox integration option, it has a walkie talkie feature. It is a free messaging app and also use for social networking. Kik is becoming popular day by day.  Kik is also available on android, amazon and iOS. You can send and receive messages for free you only need a WIFI or data connection. It is mainly used by teenagers. Kik is fun for them. In 2016, with an ... Read more

Download Kik’s Cryptocurrency: Kin

Kik has recently announced their plan to enter the world of digital currency with the launching of their own brand of cryptocurrency, which will be called “Kin”. For some, it begs the question as to why they need a component of this sort, but their overall plan is actually quite easy to figure out. They are making an attempt to have their own version of messaging apps known throughout China. Since China’s messengers have built in services for payment, it has opened up a completely new world for them, and Kik is simply reaching for the same kind of success. ... Read more

Do you know Kik Messenger Bot Shop? Get it now

This week, Kik Messenger Bot Shop celebrates an entire year of existence. Now there are more than 20,000 bots available, with some of them having reached more than one million users. Kik CEO Ted Livingston states that in the second year of the Bot Shop, the focus will be geared towards monetization and, most specifically, in terms of payment ability. Of course, making payments with Kik is not a total impossibility at the moment. Certain bots already take you to company websites where products can be purchased, so that option is already operational. Livingston, however, wants payments to be handled ... Read more