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Facebook introduces Messenger App for Kids

As a parent, I know what it entails when kids connect with family and friends with using technology, therefore, it is important for us to know how safe they are whenever they are online. That’s why I’m excited about Facebook Messenger for kids. Facebook recently launched their messenger for kids and a lot of controversies has surrounded it. Critics say it will make and will help make kids addicted or addicted to social media. This Facebook Messenger lets kids 6 to 13 years old, communicate with friends and family, so what are the parameters behind this? Before we delve into ... Read more

Download Messenger Kids app today for iPhone and iPad

Facebook has created a Messenger app just for kids. Facebook has declared that it is going to launch a messaging app that will be just for the kids. Facebook confirmed that the era of tin cans with the strings and walkie-talkies is behind us. It is called the Messenger Kids and you can download it for iphone and ipad. When parents will download the Messenger Kids app, they would be asked to authenticate the Messenger Kids with their Facebook account. After this they need to make a user within that Messenger Kids app which uses the full name of their children. Not ... Read more

When are Children Ready for Smartphones?

As soon as children can grasp things in their hands, they are reaching for your electronics. One important piece of electronics that your child will reach for is your smartphone, partly because he or she sees that you are using it and children often want what others have. At a young age, he or she will like to grab your phone and press buttons, dial random numbers, and scroll around on your home screen, but just because they are engaging with the phone, doesn’t mean that they’re ready for quality time with your smartphone.  Typically, until children are pre-school aged, ... Read more