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How To Delete Facebook Messenger on iOS

How To Uninstall and Delete Messenger? Facebook offers a myriad of privacy features to keep your information and data safe. You can change the settings at any time to ensure your photos and other data are only accessed by selected people. However, if for any reason you do not wish to keep your Messenger account, you may seek information on how to delete Messnger. How to Delete Facebook Messenger on iOS On your mobile home screen, tap and hold the Messenger icon until it begins to shake Now, tap on the small ‘x’ symbol on the top left corner of ... Read more

Top 5 iOS 10 iMessage Applications

Today, we’ll take a look at five applications which you can use within iMessage. Apple has introduced a third party application for iMessage where you can install apps within iMessage apps. So to enable this function, go to the iMessage and go through any conversation, click on the flash by the left you would see three options click on that and here you will see an icon at the bottom left corner, click on it and you will get a pop up and you can add your applications here and go to the manager and you can enable all the ... Read more

Facebook Messenger fixes its freezing IOS bug

If you own an IPhone and use Facebook Messenger at the same time, you will have to update your version of the messaging app immediately. A new update has been released by Facebook for the messaging app’s IOS version especially for those who faced the glitch on IOS 11. This update is meant to fix a bug that faced many users of the app on IPhone. Facebook Messenger on IPhone The annoying bug caused Facebook Messenger on IPhone to freeze completely after the user starts typing a few words which forces the user to close and restart Messenger after every ... Read more

Lango Messaging App For iOS and Android

Self expression gets a new meaning with the Lango Messaging App! Sometimes there are a lot of emotions held within us and it becomes difficult to put them all into words. When the words fall short, images can do the job with ease. The Lango Messaging App is one such chat messenger that promises to offer more fun communicating! Lango Messaging is basically an instant messaging app that oozes a lot of style. When it comes to the fundamentals, it is quite similar to any other messenger such as LINE, Viber or WhatsApp. So, what’s different about the Lango Messaging ... Read more

Cool IOS 11 features you probably haven’t heard of yet

The latest IOS Apple has rolled out, IOS 11, has been out there for quite some time now and Apple has been showing off a lot of its new features that would be added to your IPhone, IPod, and IPad once you update to IOS 11, yet all of what has been revealed is considered to be the tip of the ice berg of what IOS 11 has to offer to owners of Apple devices of every type. There are so much cooler and secret, even, features yet to be discovered. The list could go on and on, but for ... Read more

Download Airmail Email App for iOS – Mac, iPhone and iPad

Most of the widely known emailing applications bring in some kind of great innovations: inbox has got its intelligent bundles and cards, Mailbox had snoozes, and Sparrow had its incredible simplicity. Such popularity came by changing the way we used to work with these emails. Therefore, it will be very easy to overlook the new Airmail for iOS. Airmail has got no any standout feature, although it has got something that users can never get from all the other email apps – ability to customize how you use the app. The Email App That Can Do Everything Just like Airmail ... Read more

Chrome for iOS now features offline reading mode

As we know, Google chrome has been the best third-party browsing app for iOS so far and with every update and version released it remains at the top. However, as part of the update embarked on by Google, the company has added a new feature to it Chrome for iOS. The upgrade now allows iOS users to save web pages for offline reading. This feature may seem familiar; this is because the feature has been on Safari browser for many years. It has the ability to synchronize saved pages between different devices and this has remained the main benefit of ... Read more

YouTube Offers New in App Messaging Services

Since 1026, YouTube developers have been working on a new service for the app- in app messaging. Currently, the messaging service is only available in Canada as it needs to have tests run on it. Why Canada? It’s thought that apps and new platforms are often launched for testing in Canada because of the countries similarities to the United States, but smaller population (about the population of California). According to the developers, it’s also a good launch place for the new YouTube service because Canadians share more YouTube videos than anyone else that has access to the program. The new ... Read more

Stop Hackers from Spying on your iPhone with SektionEins & VPN Apps

Apple offers a fair level of protection for the iPhone users however it does not guarantee total security, as a result of which pro iOS hackers are able to spy on your device causing security concerns. Here are two recently launched security apps that will stop hackers from spying on your iPhone. System and Security Info SektionEins‘ latest offering named the ‘System and Security Info’ is an amazing app that offers in-depth security to the iPhone users. It not only identifies the unsolicited jailbreaks but also raises alarm when other apps behave in a suspicious manner. Although there are several ... Read more