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The New Look of Facebook Messenger

There is soon to be a brand new look for the popular Facebook Messenger. No worries though, as it is not getting rid of Messenger Day. There will rather be an implementation of several smaller changes including the home screen content organization, which is going to make navigation quicker and easier. The update seeks to emphasize messaging, while maintaining that is can also be a hub for connections with all kinds, whether friends or colleagues. In this update, you will see new tabs at the top of the main screen. These will allow you to easily move between your contacts, ... Read more

How to Stop an IM Stalker

Social media sites and Instant Messaging apps make it easy to report unwanted messages and contact from others, but sometimes simply hitting the “block” button isn’t enough. Some people are very persistent and will contact you in whatever means they can- and often, this leads to IM stalking. IM stalking is typically thought of as being scenarios in which the person you don’t want contact with continues to contact you after being told no, and then after being told no multiple times, starts to contact you with more frequency and in strange ways that come across as unnerving. So how ... Read more

IMO Messenger against Skype and Google Hangouts

Earlier this year IMO Messenger app made the announcement that it would cut its association with third party networks like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and AIM; which made it to receive one of the biggest changes. The app has rather focused in emulating the features of Skype like video and audio calling. For their credit, everyone was given a warning (by them) so that their chat logs could be downloaded. They then cut the access to all the outside services in the end. According to Harik Georges, who is a former Google employee and one of the co-founders of IMO, the ... Read more

Trillian Instant Messenger Review

Trillian is a free client for multi-platform chat & the good news is that it has changed a lot since the past few years. It has gone a lot of changes since it first came out in the market place. Apple, Microsoft, and Google – all the big software companies have their exclusive version for instant messaging. All of these are free & numerous loyal users. But, the major issue with this platform was that the user was required to log into several applications in order to chat with their friends from different networks. Trillian Instant Messenger Features The application offers ... Read more

Telegram the Hottest Instant Messaging Available Today

Telegram the Hottest Instant Messaging Available Today. As there are many instant messaging freely available on the Internet, numerous users are thinking to switch to something new and different. Telegram is presently new and different instant messaging, without any messaging complexities making it the right tool for the communication. Telegram has emerged as one of the popular instant messaging platform on the web that is considered to be the viable options to the other messaging apps. About Telegram Instant Messaging Telegram has been introduced by the Russia’s widest social networking platform. The new instant chat messaging that provides enhanced chatting ... Read more