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The Efficacy of the Instagram Formula of Posts and Timing

After the recent news that the viral picture-based app Instagram is negotiating the implementation of the rumoured upcoming feature of tapping on the preferred posts instead of scrolling, some newer news reported that the alleged Instagram myth of posting a new photo in the right time may be true. Many Instagram users have already wondered about the fact that some of the most popular accounts on the platform appear to be following a good criteria of posting a new photo in the high hours of the day which will, as a result, earn the Instagram influencer more recognitions and followers. ... Read more

Screenshot alert for Instagram Stories

In the beginning of last month, February, Instagram started testing a new feature that is most likely to be very popular among its users, especially those who are always curious about who-viewed-my-profile kind of things. The new feature Instagram began testing last month is concerning its stories feature. It will allow the user to know when someone is taking a screenshot of a story he or she has posted to the Instagram Stories social media app. This feature will not be applied without warning, though, as users who attempt to take a screenshot or a screen recording of a friend’s ... Read more

Download Instagram and Check the Newest Feature

Users of Instagram, the social media platform which is owned by Facebook, have recently been introduced to a new, yet not very well received, feature. The new feature is called “recommended for you” and what it does is that it allows every user to view posts that were posted by people he or she doesn’t even follow. These posts will appear to the user in his or her personal feeds if they were liked or commented on by users whom he or she follows. Posts which are included in this feature to be displayed to users who don’t follow the ... Read more