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Download Discord App

Discord is the application that helps the gamers to chat with each other. It was launched on May 13, 2015. It can be used on mobiles and computers but for using it is important to make an account. As everyone knows that children are fond of playing games whether they are outdoor or indoor. But recently children are fond of only video games and games available on mobiles and their computers. Parents are happy that children are sitting in front of them and are safe but most of the parents are much concerned about this issue that they don’t know ... Read more

Best Facebook Messenger Games 2020

Facebook messenger does not remain a messaging app. It has been widely using for many purposes like businesses, sharing, talking, audio/video calling, etc. To add some fun to messenger, the company has added gaming features in the app. If you want to play a game with your friend or Facebook, you need to select the gaming section of the app. Sending gaming request to your friend or start playing as a single player. Here are some of the best Facebook games and how to play them is discussed below, UNO Starting with the game of your childhood, UNO is a ... Read more

Overwatch Key Areas that needs Improvement by Blizzard

Today we are going to talk about some areas of the game that we feel need a little bit more direct attention from Blizzard. There are things about the state of the game that concern us a little bit one of those is that the game might be becoming too easy in certain ways. Now hold, Overwatch is still a very hard game with loads of heroes and skill sets to learn and apply, it has challenges aplenty for sure but there is an aspect of the game that illustrates a larger trend. To use Brigitte as a current example ... Read more

Download Viber & Gamee One Billion Goal

Recently, the partnership of the viral messaging app, Viber, and the prevalent social games provider, Gamee, came to the light. The digital games provider, Gamee, stated that the teaming with Viber has a main goal of reaching a wider audience, and in collaboration with the notorious app, this goal is to be achieved easily. The initial aim of the partnership between the two parties, Viber and Gamee, is to present the masses with a chat feature that contains more than 70 games; the games that are going to be made available via the messaging app, Viber, is targeted towards the ... Read more

How Minecraft Turned its Developer into a Billionaire

Minecraft is a three-dimensional sandbox video game that was designed and created by Swedish game designer Markus “Notch” Persson. He began developing the game as a project inspired by other popular games such as Dungeon Keeper, Dwarf Fortress, and Infiniminer. He wanted to create an isometric 3D building game inspired by his visions. He already had some prototypes ready. The style of gameplay for Minecraft was heavily influenced by Infiniminer. The blocky visuals, building block style and the first-person aspect were all taken from Infiniminer. To add on that, Persson wanted to include RPG elements in Minecraft. The first version ... Read more

Download Clash of Clans for iPhone and Android

The clash of clans is a quite famous strategy based smartphone game which was developed by the Supercell. In the game, you require to farm the resources, elevate the buildings in your town to train the more proficient and professional troops that you can use to defeat your rivals. Here are some top tips which you can use to get various farm resources easily and quickly. Drop off the league rank As it is expected, the majority of the game players tend to access the highest league tier in the Clash of Clans. But, if you desire to farm the ... Read more

What is waiting for you in upcoming GTA 6 Game?

After a success of GTA 5, Rockstar has started the work on GTA 6. They are focusing on improvement of GTA 5 in terms of content, features and more near to reality. We are expecting the launch of GTA 6 in late 2017 but the company is more focused on “Red Dead Redemption 2” which will be available in the market from late 2017. The release date of GTA 5 is not yet confirmed. It may hit the market in late 2018 or mid-2019. The reason for this is that Rockstar developers are focused on  “Red Dead Redemption 2” and need more time for GTA 6. Rockstar launches the trailer ... Read more

Download Pokémon Go game and Discover Pikachu with Santa’s Hat

To get you into the mood of Christmas, the developers of Pokémon Go game have released a Pikachu wearing a Santa’s hat. Players can now catch this Pikachu and feel Christmas all around! Pokémon Go is a free game app that is location-based. This reality game has been developed by Niantic for the various platforms – Android, iOS, and Apple Watch devices. The game app is a result of collaboration between Niantic and Nintendo, as the Pokémon Company. The game was initially released in just a few selected countries in July 2016. To play this game, the players use the ... Read more

How to Play Football Game on Facebook Messenger

If you use your smartphone on a regular basis then you are familiar with all the possibilities it offers. Besides of a large number of different apps you can install, it gives you a marvelous feeling of power. However, Facebook is the place where the highest number of users get stuck for communication reasons. The app provider knows to attract publicity with its rich content and it is not weird why Facebook follows the latest trends. The same happens after the European football championship has started. Facebook Messenger has introduced a completely new soccer game for those who enjoy football ... Read more