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Best Facebook Messenger Games 2020

Facebook messenger does not remain a messaging app. It has been widely using for many purposes like businesses, sharing, talking, audio/video calling, etc. To add some fun to messenger, the company has added gaming features in the app. If you want to play a game with your friend or Facebook, you need to select the gaming section of the app. Sending gaming request to your friend or start playing as a single player. Here are some of the best Facebook games and how to play them is discussed below, UNO Starting with the game of your childhood, UNO is a ... Read more

Download Facebook Messenger and the Monetized and in-app-purchases games 

Facebook Messenger is finally allowing developers a very good opportunity to get interested in developing games especially for the chatting app, as well as creating a new revenue source for Messenger itself. After Facebook added HTML 5 games to its Messenger back in November 2016, the company has recently allowed third party developers who develop mini games within Messenger to add in-app-purchases and video ads to their games. These videos in the games are meant to award the players a bonus life or a virtual good from the game when they watch the video, which is known as a rewarded ... Read more