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You can now Pin Favorite Chats at the top in WhatsApp Messenger

According to reports, WhatsApp Messenger is testing many new features to make its messaging app best. They are trying to make this app fun and convenient which helps users in daily messaging. The latest feature of WhatsApp includes chat conversation feature in which the user can pin their favorite contact at the top of the Chats. This feature is still in testing mode in Android and will be available soon in the stable versions of the app. This pinning feature was first spotted by Android Police. This feature is available in WhatsApp beta and if you are running Android versions ... Read more

Telegram Secrets Chats 3.0 updated

Secrets Chats 3.0 incorporates both self-destruct timers and end-to-end encryption which is a great way to pass sensitive information. Other updates: Privacy, Supergroups, Sharing extension, Attachment Menu and Telegram Hotkeys. The best features with the secret chats 3.0 includes: Detailed link previews Replies Photo and video captions Detailed link previews Sticker sharing Inline bots GIFs Telegram Privacy: The option of deciding on whom to add to your groups and channels with granular precision has been enhanced unlike earlier where active friends started adding you to random groups or channels. Telegram Supergroups: These have now the control in that they can change or add new members to their groups, all the ... Read more

Line Messenger App Launches Line Here

Line Here is a new standalone app from Mobile messenger Line. It is a location-sharing service that Line users can use to share their locations in chats. In order to use Line Here app, users need to sign up with a Facebook account to download and start using the messaging app or sign up with their Line ID. The Line Here messenger app is now available for iOS and Android, in all countries where there is Internet connection. As soon as in the Line Here app, you can craft location sharing rooms that you can share with some other people ... Read more