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Order Pizza, Send Flowers and Pay with Amex with Facebook Messenger App

The Facebook Messenger app has been around for quite a while. We use it to keep up with friends and family, send cute emojis and even make and receive video calls. Group messages, calls, and videos are also possible, which makes staying in touch with large groups of people even easier than before. But what about other stuff? There are tons of things you can do through the Facebook Messenger app that you might have never known about and we’re going to share some of those now. Order Dominos Pizza & Facebook Messenger Once you and your friend hook up, ... Read more

Do you know Kik Messenger Bot Shop? Get it now

This week, Kik Messenger Bot Shop celebrates an entire year of existence. Now there are more than 20,000 bots available, with some of them having reached more than one million users. Kik CEO Ted Livingston states that in the second year of the Bot Shop, the focus will be geared towards monetization and, most specifically, in terms of payment ability. Of course, making payments with Kik is not a total impossibility at the moment. Certain bots already take you to company websites where products can be purchased, so that option is already operational. Livingston, however, wants payments to be handled ... Read more

Download best Facebook Messenger Chatbots

How many times have you found yourself enjoying Facebook features? No matter of single additional thing or easy games, facebook always adds something new to stun the messaging world. As a result, users are always enthusiastic about the changes and possibilities to try something new. Chatbots are the best features for spending free time and having a good time. As Facebook messenger works hard to develop new bots on a regular basis, you will never find them out of date or boring. Experienced users would say that chatbots on Tesla or Google stand away in terms of design and performance, ... Read more