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New Google Play Store Update on Android devices

What are the developments that Google play store can boast of recently? Well, I guess it has something new for those who have Android devices with them! The new message Google play carry with it is the change of its look. The implication will be felt on Android devices. There is a prospect that the new look of the Google Play Store has started to make its way across the Android universe. One may want to know the new features incorporated in this new look of the Google Play Store, formerly Android Market ( market://details?goToHome=1 ). There are two tabs ... Read more

The Best App to Replace Facebook App

Most of us have been trying to find a better alternative for Facebook and have ended up on apps with limited features. Today, I’m going to talk about the best alternative app for Facebook with more features than the Facebook app itself. So, let’s get started. Facebook’s app sucks up a ton of battery power and data. I have tried many alternatives for Facebook, like my Facebook team, foil for Facebook, they all don’t have push notifications for messages which is like a must-have and they show up ads. If you’re regularly unhappy with a Facebook app on your phone ... Read more

Kik Messenger has recently released its APK update for 2018

Kik has been the choice of many users when it came to instant messaging and video calling and all other functions one can ask for in a social media chatting app. The ease of its registration process since it does not ask for much besides you picking a username no more, not even a mobile number required, encourage a lot of social media users to go for it leaving others that force them to go through difficult and multiple registration steps. Just the one simple step and you are in to meet many new friends with similar likes and hobbies ... Read more

WeChat Horrible translation causes a crisis

Anne James, an African American theater actor and director who lives in Shanghai and uses the popular Chinese messaging app “WeChat”, was the one to notice the racial translation made by the app when she was running late for a meeting and texted her Chinese colleagues in their messaging group on WeChat to inform them, the translation from Chinese to English read: “the [N] is late”!! Ms. James, who has been living in China for the last five years of her life and career, was horrified to find out about this when she read the awful racial slur. Although a ... Read more

Download Pokemon Go and Choose your PokemonGo Team

Pokemon Go game has already become one of the most popular games on the global level. The game stands out with special actions you need to undertake in order to capture more Pokemons. It makes the game really interesting as well as many challenges you can meet. The other significant thing you need to do is joining a specific group if you acquired appropriate power. In the beginning, you will need to stay patient as a lot of features will not be available until you reach the fifth level. By accomplishing it, you will be asked to join the particular ... Read more

Major Telegram Update Launched for Ubuntu Smartphones

There had been major Telegram update launched for Ubuntu phones in view of the fact that the Touch users of Ubuntu were requesting for an update for this particular messaging app on their phones. With the newest Telegram update that is actually a fantastic one; their request has finally been granted. It is noteworthy that the Touch platform has relatively a few apps, but Telegram app is one of the most important, and it has just received an update. One of the many questions beckoning for response as a result of this piece of news is perhaps associated with Whatsapp ... Read more

Get latest Android Clipchat 1.5.1 apk and iPhone Clipchat 2.0 app

The ClipChat is the most recent social network app with a ground-breaking way of making users share videos and photos with their Android Smartphone (version 1.5.1) or iPhone version 2.0) . With ClipChat app, users can send videos and photos of about 5 seconds. Since life is all about the gathering of incredible, momentary moments that can be forgotten quickly, Clipchat app is a social media platform used to capture and share those amazing moments. In a nutshell, Clipchat is the innovative way to share and discover. The Clipchat application comes with a pretty, easy-to-use interface and boasts second to none encryption to ... Read more