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Better Security Measures for Android 8.0 Oreo

Google just added a runtime-only permission to the latest version of its mobile platform Android 8.0 Oreo. Runtime permissions were first introduced to developers and users in Android 6.0 Marshmallow, before that developers would have permissions their apps needed to run in the Android Manifest file that gets generated automatically during installation of the app. This was not the best scenario when it comes to users’ security and willingness to grant or deny permissions as freely as they would like. Android 6.0 Marshmallow came with the answer, providing a more flexible method of users and developers to grant and ask ... Read more

Google Hangouts is now Android Messages

Up until recently, Google has made use of Hangouts as its all-in-one application used for both video and text chats. However, in an attempt to streamline its G Suite, that will soon be changing. Hopes are that the changes implemented will be a help to the evolving needs of enterprising teams. Two apps, which are new, will soon reach the consumer with a collaborating feature focus. Hangout Meets, which will have the primary focus of video meetings, and Hangouts Chat, which will focus on text chats as well as document sharing, but the classic Hangouts app will remain in place ... Read more

YouTube Offers New in App Messaging Services

Since 1026, YouTube developers have been working on a new service for the app- in app messaging. Currently, the messaging service is only available in Canada as it needs to have tests run on it. Why Canada? It’s thought that apps and new platforms are often launched for testing in Canada because of the countries similarities to the United States, but smaller population (about the population of California). According to the developers, it’s also a good launch place for the new YouTube service because Canadians share more YouTube videos than anyone else that has access to the program. The new ... Read more

The 3 Reasons why Google Pixel is not an iPhone killer

Here it is, the best phone you could Imagine! The new iPhone killer! Finally, a Google android phone that is better than the iPhone! These are just some review titles of the new Google phone. Google presented us their new flagship device a few days ago, and not just one, but two twin flagship devices. They are practically the same, the only difference is to come with the screen size. And the same hype goes over again, the best one to come out yet, King of the android world. Yes, it is excellent, the specs are fabulous, everything is great,but ... Read more

Threema Messenger Now Allows you to Send PDFs & GIFs Safely

Threema Messaging app is specifically designed for Windows phone, Android and iPhone and it focuses mainly on security. Threema Messenger was launched on the Windows Phone platform at the end of last year while a latest update for Android increased the total number of features of the app. A related update for iOS was just released recently. With this new update for Threema Application, Threema for iOS  users can now send PDFs, GIFs and many more file types to other Threema users safely. Threema encrypts all your interactions uninterrupted; such as files, group chats, messages and even status messages. With ... Read more

BlackBerry will Launch 2 New Gadgets for Android

BlackBerry 10 is in no way dead, but from the look of things, it feels like it is dead ever since BlackBerry Priv was introduced into mobile scene. People concluded that it is dead because it is not receiving any update or advance to anything beyond what it is today. This is not completely true, or has not really been confirmed so. BlackBerry Gatgets The intention of BlackBerry is to launch 2 new gadgets that will both run on the Android operating system of Google in 2016. Nothing has been mentioned concerning 2017 and beyond, which makes somebody to believe ... Read more

Google Released Hand Free Experimental Payment App

With the plans to kill the wallet for good, Google unveiled the Hands Free experimental payments app. Hand Free app will allow you to pay for items you bought in stores with your phone in your pocket. Both Android and iOS apps depends on location services, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi to establish when you are close to a participating restaurant or retailer. One great thing about Hand Free is that it allows you tom pay stores quickly, easily and totally in a hands-free manner. At the completion of your transaction and you get to the cashier, I will pay with Google ... Read more

MightyText is the Best Way to Text from your PC on Android

Do you know MightyText? Generally, you don’t have to switch away from your computer to your Smartphone to reply to an instant message or an email. With your Android device, you can now use MightyText to send and read text messages. Good Things about MightyText MightyText is the easiest to use, of all the different PC text messaging solutions for Android. You can fire up the Webapp, sign into Gmail or install it on your Android and you are ready to go. Whether you are connected on Wi-Fi or using a data plan, how MightyText syncs your text messages effortlessly ... Read more

The Android’s Future of Blackberry Smartphones

The Blackberry’s slide from being the leader of smartphone mobile pack to near oblivion hasn’t been something easy to watch. Currently, it sounds like the company has made the decision to embrace Android. According to it (the Blackberry Company) embracing Android in its smartphones is the only way to get its mobile phone devices back into the smartphone market. The unveiling of the ‘Blackberry Priv’ was a very great clue: this is the flagship handset that is running the latest version of mobile operating system from Google (Android 6.0 Marshmallow) rather than the typical BB10 software that is owned by ... Read more