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Snow’s Raging Popularity Might Outdo Snapchat In Global Competition

The Korean messaging app Snow is raging in popularity in the Asian countries. It is more popular than Snapchat in Japan, China and Korea. Now, Snow has bigger plans and it hopes to gain popularity in the West too. So, what’s the reason behind Snow getting more audience globally? Let’s find out! There are some features that exist both in Snow and Snapchat. For example, if you want to transform a selfie into a cartoon character or send self-destructive video messages to your friends, you may use either Snow or Snapchat for it. However, if you wish to improve a ... Read more

Download Messenger Apps

Download Messenger Apps: WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, Tango, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, LINE Messenger, Wechat, oovoo, Nimbuzz, Pinger, Samsung ChatOn, Telegram, SnapChat, Google Hangouts, Windows Live, Skype and more, … Select your messaging app below: Telegram LINE Tango Whatsapp Kik Kakaotalk Skype Viber Wechat Chaton Facebook Messenger Instagram Direct Rebtel Talkatone Google Hangouts Yahoo Messenger Google Messenger Pinger Hike imo Nimbuzz Oovoo Icq Meetme Vine weheartit Didi bbm Voxofon Talkray Keek Omlet chat Textplus Pinterest Whatsapp Plus VK Chat iMessage clipchat Messenger Keechat Text Me! Wephone QQ TrueCaller Fast Messenger Snapchat Mightytext Threema Allo Messenger Hi GroupMe Klyph Messenger 4talk Messenger Franz ... Read more

What makes Snapchat Stories Better than Instagram Stories

Both Instagram and Snapchat have huge fan following, and several thousand users around the world. It is difficult to tell which platform is better at first glance. Instagram released ‘Stories’ feature which has an interface almost similar to Snapchat. Infact it looks like copied from Snapchat. Recently, Instagram released a major update that has added three new and exciting features to the ‘Stories’. Snapchat does not have these features. Users will now be able to create Boomerang videos for Instagram Stories. Users will be able to tag other Instagram users in their Stories The verified Instagram users will be able ... Read more

Download Snapchat to Share Videos, Photos and More

Snapchat is an app used to share videos, photos, drawings, and text. It's free completely to download this app and to send messages by using it. This app has become widely popular in an extremely short time span, with young people especially. There is one aspect which makes Snapchat diverse from other types of photo sharing and texting: the messages vanish from the recipient's mobile phone just after few second. Download the App Download Snapchat App and enjoy free sharing with your friends and family.

Getting Started with the Snapchat App

What is Snapchat exactly? And why it has been sweeping up the mobile users earlier than anything else? Quickly, get ready for introduction to one among the trendiest new methods to interact with your friends quickly. Snapchat is trendy nowadays amongst the youngest smartphones users, including young adults and teens. What Is Snapchat? It is a mobile application which you can download onto your Android smartphone or iPhone, which you then can use to “chat” along with friends through videos, photos and captions. One amongst the most exclusive things about the Snapchat is its “self-destructing” features for photos few seconds after the photos have been seen. ... Read more

Why and How do Children make use of Snapchat?

Younger people are using the Snapchat app for various reasons; largest common factor probably is down to cost, after you’re on wifi, then sending a message using Snapchat is free. The traditional photo messages or sms text can be a little pricy to send; particularly for younger people who are out on ‘pay when you go’ phones.  And for a few people text message and posts on Twitter and Facebook are permanent. Snapchat provides its users naturalness to communicate without long term consequences, the trait almost absent completely from most of the social media platforms wherein the users connect with ... Read more