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TikTok is Becoming Inappropriate for Underages

Since the relaunch of the musical app TikTok earlier this year, the music-based platform has become a favorite for teenagers and youths mostly who seem to find in the combination of music and social communicating a great opportunity of exposing their musical or artistic talents to others who may have the same interests. TikTok App However, the uprising musical app TikTok has started to come across some complications since its platform doesn’t provide any sort of a parental control or guidance and that’s why many older users, concerned parents and multiple technological parties have started to declare their concerns that ... Read more

Download Discord App

Discord is the application that helps the gamers to chat with each other. It was launched on May 13, 2015. It can be used on mobiles and computers but for using it is important to make an account. As everyone knows that children are fond of playing games whether they are outdoor or indoor. But recently children are fond of only video games and games available on mobiles and their computers. Parents are happy that children are sitting in front of them and are safe but most of the parents are much concerned about this issue that they don’t know ... Read more

Best Facebook Messenger Games 2020

Facebook messenger does not remain a messaging app. It has been widely using for many purposes like businesses, sharing, talking, audio/video calling, etc. To add some fun to messenger, the company has added gaming features in the app. If you want to play a game with your friend or Facebook, you need to select the gaming section of the app. Sending gaming request to your friend or start playing as a single player. Here are some of the best Facebook games and how to play them is discussed below, UNO Starting with the game of your childhood, UNO is a ... Read more

WhatsApp Messenger is to Become Ad-Friendly

After the recent innovations that took place in the WhatsApp community which include  adding many new features that range in their importance and vitality, it seems that there’re more and more plans in order to further increase the popularity  and, most importantly, functionality of the WhatsApp messenger. Of course, it can’t be denied that social media apps and chatting and messaging platforms play such a huge part in managing and creating business deals and opportunities. WhatsApp is certainly one of the biggest business friendly apps available at the moment, and, reportedly, there’re more plans to enhance the WhatsApp service in ... Read more

Download TikTok – 2020

The viral Chinese app TikTok – for Android, Ipad and iPhone – has been recently named one of the most used social media apps in 2019 with its massive base of users that counts up to millions of people from all regions of the world. However, it seems that the musical platform is again being scrutinized by authorities and government officials due to its shady privacy standards; the app has been accused since its relaunch that its privacy policy isn’t protecting the user’s private info and individual details. TikTok Videos – Privacy The privacy concerns are rising from the ... Read more

Kik Messenger App: about to Shut down one of the most popular messaging app

Kik Messenger used for free text messaging. It is a communication app. It is used for sending and receiving photos, videos, texts, calling and etc on free of cost. Support widgets, SMS inbox integration option, it has a walkie talkie feature. It is a free messaging app and also use for social networking. Kik is becoming popular day by day.  Kik is also available on android, amazon and iOS. You can send and receive messages for free you only need a WIFI or data connection. It is mainly used by teenagers. Kik is fun for them. In 2016, with an ... Read more

Why Hike Messenger is different from WhatsApp and Facebook messenger?

What is Hike Messenger? Why Hike Messenger is different from WhatsApp and Facebook messenger? Here are few things you should need to know about Hike Messenger. Whatsapp messenger vs Hike There are so many reasons which I will tell you why Hike messenger is different from WhatsApp in comparison? I am sure you are thinking about it. Let’s get start Hike Messenger is an app used for free text messaging. It is mainly a communication app. There are some benefits of using hike app compare to whatsapp. It is used for sending and receiving photos, videos, texts, calling and etc ... Read more

Tecno Camon 12 Air is a Big Phone

The most highlighting feature of Tecno Camon 12 Air device is its display. The 6.55” inch display which surpasses all the notch and pop-up schemes. The screen has a tiny little punch-hole camera. This provides a view of the screen free from obstruction to the user. Camon has also introduced special wallpapers with in the device which are specialized for Camon 12 Air. These specially designed backgrounds allow the camera hole to punch in very easily as if the punch-hole doesn’t even exist. Tecno Camon 12 Air Camera Talking about the cameras, the punch-hole encapsulates an 8MP selfie camera which ... Read more

iPhone 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max? iPhone 11 with Job’s Shirt

Caviar Royal Gifts has been manufacturing premium special editions for a while and this time has come up with an idea absolutely remarkable. They have introduced a novel collection of customized iPhones 11 Pros and iPhone 11 Pro Maxes which in addition to providing the high-end Apple technology, add further grace to its design and looks. A total of 99 unique pieces are being offered which will be shipped all across the world. Caviar further provides an easy returns and refunds facility but just you wait for the moment you get your hands on the device, there is no way ... Read more