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Facebook Messenger is the new messaging app from Facebook creators.

Facebook Messenger Broadcasting Tool

Facebook has now become such a common household name that many people get all their news from it. You can find instant weather updates, news reports, obituaries, school announcement and so much more. In fact, thanks to Facebook messenger, many people have the news in hand, around the clock, right in their very hands. A California tech company as recently started towards the idea to make even more money from this factual commodity. It started recent testing on a sponsored tool for messaging, strategically aimed at small businesses that are otherwise unable to build bots. In November 2017, we saw ... Read more

Download Facebook Messenger Lite or the Original Messenger

Facebook Messenger Lite is out to compete the Original Messenger. Subtracting the things you genuinely need out of the entire distracted stuff of Facebook Messenger gives out a newly developed Angelic app “Messenger Lite”. It’s a dilemma with every single messenger user that FB Messenger app is flooded with a huge amount of unnecessary items that aren’t linked to the messaging service in any way. It is fully stacked with a bundle of options like Contacts, Home, Games, Camera and Bots tabs, a Compose option, a Profile icon. And it does not even end here, even the chat also have the option to sort by Messages, Groups, Active and Calls. ... Read more

Facebook Messenger to Suggest Birthday Wishes

M, the virtual assistant at the heart of Facebook Messenger, was launched back in 2015. The assistant started to suggest things in early April, and now has the capability to suggest that users say happy birthday to their Facebook friends.  For some of us, this new feature is helpful- but for others, it seems to be a waste of time. After all, the Facebook home page already reminds us of our friends’ birthdays, so why do we need another reminder? The birthday reminders are so users can keep in touch with their social groups, says the company. To start with, ... Read more

Download Messenger Apps

Download Messenger Apps: WhatsApp, Kik Messenger, Tango, Viber, Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, LINE Messenger, Wechat, oovoo, Nimbuzz, Pinger, Samsung ChatOn, Telegram, SnapChat, Google Hangouts, Windows Live, Skype and more, … Select your messaging app below: Telegram LINE Tango Whatsapp Kik Kakaotalk Skype Viber Wechat Chaton Facebook Messenger Instagram Direct Rebtel Talkatone Google Hangouts Yahoo Messenger Google Messenger Pinger Hike imo Nimbuzz Oovoo Icq Meetme Vine weheartit Didi bbm Voxofon Talkray Keek Omlet chat Textplus Pinterest Whatsapp Plus VK Chat iMessage clipchat Messenger Keechat Text Me! Wephone QQ TrueCaller Fast Messenger Snapchat Mightytext Threema Allo Messenger Hi GroupMe Klyph Messenger 4talk Messenger Franz ... Read more

Now Facebook Messenger supports Group Payments for all

Facebook introduces the person to person payments in the Messenger App in the year 2015, but they announced it today to support groups. It works both in group chat and private ones, you can pay either 1 member of the group or everyone in the group through a click on the Dollar sign. You can click on the payment icon, but for doing this you can click first on the Plus sign at the bottom side of the group conversation. This is so helpful for the groups that want to decide to gift a present to their friend or want to ... Read more

Facebook Messenger will Release Group Chatbots at F8 Meeting

Facebook has declared during its F8 meeting about a new collection of the bots which work in the environment of the group chats of Messenger. These bots allow users to remain informed about the real-time latest news like sports, business, game’s progress and much more, as per the three main sources familiar with the production of this feature. Facebook has already started working with the top chatbot developers for creating the platform for the release. The company has opened up APIs to let much amount of developers to initiate creating the collective bots. For instance, a chat group on Messenger ... Read more

Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks

Facebook Messenger is a popular messaging app, not only because Facebook requires mobile users to install it before sending Facebook messages, but also because it’s easy to use. To make it even easier, here are a few tricks for Facebook Messenger. FB Messenger Tips and Tricks 1- Bigger Likes To send big thumbs up in a chat, simply tap and hold the blue thumbs up button until it gets bigger. Release the button to send a big thumbs up. 2- Turn Location ON/OFF New messages in Facebook Messenger always include your location. To turn your location off, tap the ‘settings’ ... Read more

Windows Store gets new Facebook Messenger

Facebook has recently rolled its new Facebook Messenger for Windows users on Windows Store. The changes that has been made in the recent update is not much obvious. Users can feel the improvement in performance and speed of the Facebook Messenger on Windows Store. Another change that is quite evident is “upload and send new file types with the latest desktop app update”. Other features of this new Facebook Messenger on Windows store is that you can get an instant notification on receiving a new message on your Facebook account. With the messenger app, you can send GIFs, videos and ... Read more

Download best Facebook Messenger Chatbots

How many times have you found yourself enjoying Facebook features? No matter of single additional thing or easy games, facebook always adds something new to stun the messaging world. As a result, users are always enthusiastic about the changes and possibilities to try something new. Chatbots are the best features for spending free time and having a good time. As Facebook messenger works hard to develop new bots on a regular basis, you will never find them out of date or boring. Experienced users would say that chatbots on Tesla or Google stand away in terms of design and performance, ... Read more