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Consuming Podcasts like a Boss with Beyond Pod


You will become a podcasting addict immediately after coming across the powerful Android podcast ‘catcher’ app. The application allows the user to play an exciting and pseudo-random assortment of the best subscription right away from the home screen. This function

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Manage Your Email with Spark App for iPhone


Managing your email is one of the most exasperating and time consuming task you can ever imagine because email sucks. For this reason, there is no shortage of apps that try to alleviate the agony of dealing with an teeming

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Are Nokia Smartphones Returning or Not?


There have been various reports recommending that Nokia, the once mobile phone industry leader is set to leave the Smartphone industry. However, several other reports suggest that the company is planning to resume its Smartphone production at the same time

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Send Cash Through Facebook Messenger


When Facebook Messenger was launched first launched in 2011 as an app on itself, Facebook was not that serious about it. As a matter of fact we could say they were testing the waters. However in 2014 they decided to

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Huawei P8 Smartphone Review


Huawei P8 is the greatest and latest Smartphone from Huawei, a recognized Chinese manufacturer. Huawei P8 is thin, powerful and undercuts the competition. It is a new flagship Android Smartphone thinner that an iPhone 6. Huawei is now aiming to emulate

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Reasons Why the Android M might be the most noteworthy Android Version!


The Google’s yearly developer conference is around the corner, and it’s already well-known that the Android M developer preview will land at the Google I/O 2015. This article shares some of the decisive list of features of the new Android

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Clean up Similar Photos & Save Space on your iPhone


This article gives an overview of the clean master software for Androids, tablets and smartphones. Clean Master IOS it’s a simple and fantastic tool to save space on an iDevice. It’s a simple tool for interested users. They ought to

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What is the difference between WhatsApp Plus & WhatsApp?


In the first place, the modified version of WhatsApp Plus App allows you customize your WhatsApp account the way you want. It also gives users the opportunity of changing the conversation widgets, screen, the colors and size of the header

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